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Blueberry Forex Broker Review

Among the many online forex brokers in Australia, Blueberry is a top choice for beginners who are looking to trade on the currency markets. This broker offers 54 trading pairs, including the majors, minors, index, currencies, commodities, and energies. Clients can also take advantage of free demo accounts, which allow them to test the waters with specific markets before investing real money. In addition, Blueberry maintains a separate account for each client with a bank of Australia.

The firm is based in Australia, which makes it an ideal choice for traders looking for a safe, regulated broker. Their 1:500 leverage allows traders to quickly grow their account size. However, they can reduce their leverage to a safe level using their client portal. This feature can be valuable when deciding how much leverage to use, as too much leverage can increase your risks and require higher margins. However, traders should be aware that leverage can increase their trading account s risk and require higher margins, which can be expensive.

Unlike other forex brokers, Blueberry Markets offers its own educational resources for new traders. The company s trading school has three levels, ranging from the basics to advanced concepts. In addition to the trading school, Blueberry also offers video tutorials, FAQs, and short how-to guides on the MetaTrader platform. These are all invaluable for beginners looking to get a foothold in the forex market. So, if you re interested in learning the basics of forex trading, it s best to register for a demo account at Blueberry Markets.

The next step in getting started with Blueberry Markets is completing the KYC. You ll need a valid government-issued ID and a valid passport to complete the application process. As for your proof of address, it must be no more than three months old, and show your full name and address. After completing the KYC, Blueberry Markets will process your withdrawal within 24 hours. If your withdrawal request is made the day before your trading session, it will be processed on Monday.

Another benefit of Blueberry Markets is its extensive historical data for forex pairs. Many brokers only offer three to five years of historical data. Additionally, they use New York Close time, which means no weekend candles. This eliminates the need to convert currencies to avoid fees. Blueberry also provides a number of educational tools, including the Premium Trader and DupliTrade. So, if you are a beginner in forex trading, this broker may be a great choice for you.

Blueberry Markets is a brokerage firm based in Australia. It is ASIC-regulated, enabling investors to trade in high leverage ratios. With a minimum deposit of $100, Blueberry Markets is significantly more profitable than other forex brokers. Besides that, it also offers five funding options and maintains strict compliance with global financial services regulations. It also offers competitive commission fees. If you re ambitious, you ll love the features of Blueberry Markets.

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